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Maria de la O Garrido

I am from Linares, Andalucía (Spain). I live and work in London.

I am a visual artist whose work is located at the intersection between photography, sculpture, collage, video and most recently performance.


Through my practice and research I try to describe the experience of immersion/participation in the Spectacle and it ́s ultimate failure to subsume all within its network of meaning and relations - there is always that which exceeds it (yellow). In this failure the spectacle can be a tool of emancipatory potential and not only the totality of our alienation within it.


My work is the process of this re-negotiation with the Spectacle, creating new connections and exposing the ruptures which themselves are its symbolic consistency. Its internal antagonisms provide us with the tools to construct new languages, subjectivities and sites of resistance.


+44 7796 857487

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