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Maria de la O Garrido

I am from Linares, Andalucía (Spain). I live and work in London.

In my work I analyse what is around me, especially what is not working well. My installations transform these ideas into images in 4D collages. Politics poetry of the everyday things could well be a summary of what my work is about conceptually, from absurdity to soft violence in today’s western society. This mix is generated from an urge to escape the inescapable and in the journey of trying to resist like everyone else, I tend to make love to the things I hate. (2016- ongoing)

My relationship with image is wide, using this material within an overall process.  As part of an ethic of expanded collage, I use the selection of elements from a dispersed spectrum of possibilities and ‘places’ to transform them and create new meanings. I work with photography (found images and my own) using its materiality in a sculptural sense. 


+44 7796 857487

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